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Sofas and Loveseats

At Anmarcos Furniture & Mattresses we can help you find the perfect Sofa, Love Seat or Sectional that you're looking for! We have several styles to choose from. In our Custom Line, you can choose the fabric and colour!

Sofa and Love Seats

Sofas and Love seats

Vangogh Annie Sofa & Love.png

Anny Sofa [VG]

Vangogh Brad Sofa & Love.png

Brad Sofa [VG]

Deluxe Chester sofa & love.png

Chester Sofa [DD]

Vangogh Cohen Sofa & Love.png

Cohen Sofa [VG]

Deluxe Fuji Sofa & Love.png

Fuji Sofa [DD]

Deluxe Galaxy Sofa.png

Galaxy Sofa [DD]

Deluxe Lori Sofa.png

Lori Sofa [DD]

Vangogh New York Sofa.png

New York Sofa [VG]

Deluxe Nova Sofa & Love .png

Nova Sofa [DD]

Vangogh Soho Sofa & Love.png

Soho Sofa [VG]

Vangogh Vienna Sofa & Love.png

Vienna Sofa [VG]

Decor Rest 2025.jpeg

#2025 Sofa [DR]

2045 sofa_edited_edited.png

#2045 Sofa [VD]

Decor Rest 2172.png

#2142 Sofa [DR]

Decor Rest 2285.jpeg

#2285 Sofa [DR]

Decor Rest 2705.jpeg

#2705 Sofa [DR]

Sofa, Love Seat & Chair Available. Made in Canada.png

#2934 Sofa [DR]

Decor Rest 2967.jpeg

#2967 Sofa [DR]

Decor Rest 2981.jpeg

#2981 Sofa [DR]

Decor rest sofa 3179.jpeg

#3179 Sofa [DR]

Decor Rest Sofa 3855.jpeg

#3855 Sofa [DR]

Deluxe Chaise_edited.png

Chaise [DD]

L004 Elran Reclining Sofa.png

#L004 Reclining Sofa [ER]

Elran 2057.png

#2057 Reclining Sofa [ER]

Best O'Neil Power Recliner.png

O'Neil Reclining Sofa


2018 Sectional.jpeg

#2018 Sectional [VD]


#2576 Sectional [DR]


#2541 Sectional [DR]


#2034 Sectional [VD]

Elran Sectional #2088.png

#2088 Reclining Sectional [ER]

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