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Sofas and Loveseats

At Anmarcos Furniture & Mattresses we can help you find the perfect Sofa, Love Seat or Sectional that you're looking for! We have several styles to choose from. In our Custom Line, you can choose the fabric and colour!

Sofa and Love Seats

Sofas and Love seats

Deluxe Lori Sofa.png

Lori Sofa [Deluxe Designs]

Vangogh Annie Sofa & Love.png

Abby Accent Chair [Van Gogh]

Best Alanna Swivel Barrel Chair

Alanna Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

ElRan B0012 Swivel Glider Chair

B0012 Swivel Glider Chair [ElRan]

Best Bethany Modern Accent Chair

Bethany Modern Accent Chair [Best]

Best Darby Swivel Barrel and Glider Chair

Darby Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

Best Ennely Swivel Barrel Chair

Ennely Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

Deluxe Designs Galaxy Accent Chair

Galaxy Accent Chair [Deluxe Designs]

Best Justine Swivel Barrel Chair

Justine Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

Best Mariko Retro Club Chair

Mariko Retro Club Chair [Best]

Best Palmona Swivel Barrel Chair

Palmona Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

Best Sylvia Wing Back Chair

Sylvia Wing Back Chair [Best]

Deluxe Designs Taj Accent Chair

Taj Accent Chair [Deluxe Designs]

Best Tatiana Retro Accent Chair

Tatiana Retro Accent Chair [Best]


ElRan C0022 Recliner.jpg

C0022 Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan C0042 Recliner.jpg

C0042 Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan C0092 Lift Chair Recliner.jpg

C0092 Lift Chair Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan L0812 Recliner.jpg

L0812 Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan L0902 Recliner.jpg

L0902 Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan W0002 Push Back Recliner.jpg

W0002 Push Back Recliner [ElRan]

Best Balmore Power Lift Recliner.jpg

Balmore Power Recliner [Best]

Best Brosmer Overstuffed Recliner.jpg

Brosmer Overstuffed Recliner [Best]

Best Deidre Modern Recliner.jpg

Deidre Modern Recliner [Best]

Best Gigantor Beast Rocker Recliner.jpg

Gigantor Beast Recliner [Best]

Best Kinetix Modern Styled Recliner.jpg

Kinetix Modern Recliner [Best]

Best Pauley1 High Leg Recliner.jpg

Pauley1 High Leg Recliner [Best]

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