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Chairs & Recliners

At Anmarcos Furniture & Mattresses we have a great selection of chairs that will add style, colour, and comfort to your home.

Chairs and Recliners Picture.jpg

Accent Chairs

Deluxe Designs 250 Wing Chair

250 Wing Chair [Deluxe Designs]

Deluxe Designs 440RD Cuddle Chair

440RD Cuddle Chair [Deluxe Designs]

Van Gogh Abby Accent Chair

Abby Accent Chair [Van Gogh]

Best Alanna Swivel Barrel Chair

Alanna Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

ElRan B0012 Swivel Glider Chair

B0012 Swivel Glider Chair [ElRan]

Best Bethany Modern Accent Chair

Bethany Modern Accent Chair [Best]

Best Darby Swivel Barrel and Glider Chair

Darby Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

Best Ennely Swivel Barrel Chair

Ennely Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

Deluxe Designs Galaxy Accent Chair

Galaxy Accent Chair [Deluxe Designs]

Best Justine Swivel Barrel Chair

Justine Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

Best Mariko Retro Club Chair

Mariko Retro Club Chair [Best]

Best Palmona Swivel Barrel Chair

Palmona Swivel Barrel Chair [Best]

Best Sylvia Wing Back Chair

Sylvia Wing Back Chair [Best]

Deluxe Designs Taj Accent Chair

Taj Accent Chair [Deluxe Designs]

Best Tatiana Retro Accent Chair

Tatiana Retro Accent Chair [Best]


ElRan C0022 Recliner.jpg

C0022 Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan C0042 Recliner.jpg

C0042 Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan C0092 Lift Chair Recliner.jpg

C0092 Lift Chair Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan L0812 Recliner.jpg

L0812 Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan L0902 Recliner.jpg

L0902 Recliner [ElRan]

ElRan W0002 Push Back Recliner.jpg

W0002 Push Back Recliner [ElRan]

Best Balmore Power Lift Recliner.jpg

Balmore Power Recliner [Best]

Best Brosmer Overstuffed Recliner.jpg

Brosmer Overstuffed Recliner [Best]

Best Deidre Modern Recliner.jpg

Deidre Modern Recliner [Best]

Best Gigantor Beast Rocker Recliner.jpg

Gigantor Beast Recliner [Best]

Best Kinetix Modern Styled Recliner.jpg

Kinetix Modern Recliner [Best]

Best Pauley1 High Leg Recliner.jpg

Pauley1 High Leg Recliner [Best]

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