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Vinyls &

How To Get A Price Quote:

1). Decide on the set that you like.

2). Decide on the colour for your chairs.

3). Decide on the tabletop you would like.

4). Send an e-mail or call with this information plus your city & Province, and we will get a price to you asap.

Accro Retro Set Paperclip Table with Six Red Chairs.jpg

Chair Vinyls

Standard Vinyls

Baron Aqua.jpg

Baron Aqua

Baron Black.jpg

Baron Black

Baron Colonial Blue.png

Baron Colonial Blue

Baron Cranberry.png

Baron Cranberry

Baron Light Grey.jpg

Baron Light Grey

Baron Midnight Blue.jpg

Baron Midnight Blue

Baron Sage.jpg

Baron Sage

Baron Scarlet.png

Baron Scarlet

Baron Terracotta.png

Baron Terracotta

Baron White.png

Baron White

Baron Yellow.png

Baron Yellow

Grade 1 Vinyls

Celestial Haze.jpg

Celestial Haze

Celestial Muse.png

Celestial Muse

Challenger Cream.png

Challenger Cream

Challenger Diamond.png

Challenger Diamond

Crafted Grid Digi-Teal.png

Crafted Grid Digi-Teal

Crafted Grid Shoji.jpg

Crafted Grid Shoji

Crafted Grid Summit Grey.png

Crafted Grid Summit Grey

Islander Turqua.png

Islander Turqua

Spirit Olive Green.jpg

Spirit Olive Green

Windsong Teal Waters.jpg

Windsong Teal Waters

Grade 2 Vinyls

Zodiac Blue.png

Zodiac Blue

Zodiac Burgundy.png

Zodiac Burgundy

Zodiac Charcoal.png

Zodiac Charcoal

Zodiac Fuchsia.png

Zodiac Fuchsia

Zodiac Gold.png

Zodiac Gold

Zodiac Hot Pink.png

Zodiac Hot Pink

Zodiac Silver.png

Zodiac Silver


Standard Tabletops

Black Matte.png

Black Matte

Boomerang Charcoal Matte.png

Boomerang Charcoal Matte

Cola Red Matte.png

Cola Red Matte

Lava Dust.png

Lava Dust

Leno Weave Battleship.png

Leno Weave Battleship

Leno Weave Mushroom.png

Leno Weave Mushroom

Linen Green.png

Linen Green

Magna Black Gloss.png

Magna Black Gloss

Stainless Steel.png

Stainless Steel

White Drop.png

White Drop

White Gloss.png

White Gloss

White Matte.png

White Matte

White Onyx.png

White Onyx

Grade 1 Tabletops





Grade 2 Tabletops

Black & White Checkers.png

Black & White Checkers

Cracked Ice Grey.png

Cracked Ice Grey

Cracked Ice Red.png

Cracked Ice Red


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